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low-cost vaccine clinics

vaccines available for cats and dogs every thursday morning

Dakin Humane Society now offers low-cost vaccine clinics every Thursday morning from 9 to 10 am. Clinics are primarily intended to serve low-income community members, but all are welcome. Call 413-781-4019 for more information.

things to know ahead of time:

services and fees for dogs and cats*:

A veterinary examination fee will apply to every animal: $10 if the pet is spayed/neutered. $25 if the pet is not spayed/neutered.



*Prices are subject to change.

Dakin Humane Society's vaccine clinic is not a replacement for a relationship with a full service veterinarian. For the long term health and happiness of your pet, Dakin recommends regular visits to a full service veterinarian. Vaccine services are provided for healthy animals only. We are unable to treat sick or injured animals.

help us spread the word!

We want to make sure that any animal that needs a vaccine has access to one. Help us spread the word by printing out these flyers and posting them in areas where pet lovers congregate.

Vaccine Clinic Flyer in English

Vaccine Clinic Flyer in Spanish