s1 - Workshops

Every animal lover is not the same and their missions can’t differ greatly. This is completely normal and we welcome every type of pet owner to the magazine. However, there are certain individuals who are more committed to rescuing, caring, and seeking shelters for abandoned animals.

These people are the ones we encourage to work alongside us.

Animal rescue is an important part of our mission, but this only serves as a Band-Aid measure considering the fact that many people still mistreat their pets to the point that rescuing them is the only option. DPVHS has always been on the frontlines when it comes to animal rescue, but this shouldn’t be a necessity.

Our workshops are designed for this problematic. We arrange these meetings every single month in order to spread the word about animal loving and nurture. We feel it’s our responsibility to make every owner the best they can be.

We need committed people for these workshops to actually make a change. Only the most passionate individuals will understand how this is needed. Rescuing is a heroic act but creating this mindset shift is the only thing that will help us stop the need for rescuing animals regularly.

Our mission isn’t to rescue as many animals as possible, our mission is to help creating a world where animal rescue isn’t needed anymore.