featured7 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

Some people would love to have a large dog at home, but in some households, this isn’t an option. For these situations, there are small animals to fill that gap. Although cats and dogs are the staple pets in the USA, other options are available. Here is the list everyone needs to read when needing […]

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featured8 - 4 Underrated Food Brands for Cats
Pet Care

4 Underrated Food Brands for Cats

Cats are awesome pets, as they’re intelligent and not clingy. In fact, some studies revealed that cat owners are actually smarter than dog owners, and while that fact confuses me completely, science is science.

In DPVHS, our main focus is pets’ nutrition, and we’re always trying to teach people how it’s done. In this list, you’ll find the most underrated food brands you can serve your cat. It will love you every time you bring one of these treats to the table:

Blue Buffalo

This is one of the best cat foods available in the market and the company takes a holistic approach when making these amazing mixes.

Although they have mostly cat food in their product line, they’re also known for a recipe which can be eaten by cats and dogs alike. Talk about a bargain!

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Many cat foods include lots of carbs and this isn’t optimal, as it makes cats overweight with ease. This causes several problems and will limit your cat’s lifespan.

Overweighted cats are prone to become diabetic, and this is becoming a trend here in the US. This type of cat food helps with that risk. The protein content is above 70%, talk about good nutrition.

Hill’s Science Diet

The science-based approach of this company is really cool for people who like to do things optimally and not as holisticly. Hill used veterinarians and dietists to create these formulas.

Another plus is that they don’t use any artificial flavors or preservatives, however, due to the fact that they have to use natural preservatives, it is advised to buy only the smaller presentations.


This is the ultimate gift for a cat who just wants to live the most healthy lifestyle possible. Organic ingredients are mandatory in this bag, and that comes with a cost attached to it.

It’s completely grain-free and contains chicken and salmon to boost its protein level. For a cardiovascular boost, the amino acid taurine is also included in the mix. Your cat will feel like a king.

Although cat owners might get branded as lazy, anyone who’s willing to spend that much into their pet’s nutrition isn’t a lazy owner. Your cat will love these, and you’ll love how strong and active it becomes after a month of eating these.

In DPVHS, our mission involves the education of thousands of people when it comes to their pets’ nutrition, and these options are the ones we love the most, and our pets love them too. Try them yourself!

featured7 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

Some people would love to have a large dog at home, but in some households, this isn’t an option. For these situations, there are small animals to fill that gap. Although cats and dogs are the staple pets in the USA, other options are available. Here is the list everyone needs to read when needing a really small pet at home.

Guinea Pigs

21 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

These often get called hamsters, but they’re not even the same species. Guinea Pigs are much more active than hamsters and connect with humans in a deeper fashion. They prefer a lot of space to run and be free.


22 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

Although they’re not easy to own, contrary to popular belief, they’re one of the most loving pets you’ll ever have. You’ll need a closed space for them to sleep connected to a more open space for them to run and socialize.


23 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

Mice are pretty interesting pets, as they’re always running at full speed, climbing things, and being active all around. They also put up a great show for children. However, they’re too squishy, not easy to hold, and require a lot of space.


24 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

Chinchillas are a little and loving animal that resembles a hamster mixed with a cat, and people love this feature. Although they don’t need a lot of attention, a big cage will be required if you want it to be happy.


28 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

These are like the large version of a mouse, and you can actually cuddle with them a bit. Rats need a lot of interaction for them to be happy. If you’re a careless owner, don’t get one of these, as they get depressed easily.


25 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

While reptiles can be a low-maintenance option, they need a proper environment already set-up for them to really enjoy their time, and that alone can get pretty costly. You have to feed them with live animals too.


26 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

Hamsters are sort of a staple pet. They’re pretty active but only in the night time. They can be entertained by themselves with a wheel, some tubes, and some toys, which is pretty cool if you’re a careless owner.


27 - 6 Small Animals to Own With No Space at Home

These are also a staple pet in several countries. They are pretty smart animals who will cheer everyone up, but they need a really big cage to be satisfied. Many people have them free around their backyards though.

Not everyone can have a large dog at home, but just looking at this list, we’re already sure that many readers will convince themselves of getting a pet. Having that connection is priceless, and with little space, you can also have a pet. Choose one from this list and have your own!

featured6 - 5 Rules for Dog Training New Owners Don’t Consider

5 Rules for Dog Training New Owners Don’t Consider

Although dogs can be fun to hang out with, when they’re reactive and rebellious, dealing with them can become a burden. As a dog owner, you must be aware of these circumstances, and take your time to train it correctly. To us, a well-behaved dog is easier to love.

New owners are kind of lost when dealing with this, and most of them end up with disastrous dogs who can’t even behave at their own place. If you’re starting to train your dog, these principles will help you and save you some time before seeing any real results.

Reaction Time

You have to be aware of the time it takes for your dog to comply with your orders when training it. According to science, any reward or consequence you give your dog after any cue shouldn’t be after 1.3 seconds.

If you take longer than that to reward it or punish it, the dog won’t even understand the connection between the cue and the consequence. This is a key part of dog training.

Try to Be Consistent

This is the second most important rule when it comes to dog training. Your dog is smart, but it isn’t as smart as a human, and its training will be a much slower process. In order to reap those benefits, you must be consistent.

Don’t just perform training drills every now and then, try to train your dog 2-3 times a week and you’ll see amazing results. People often lose motivation, but when you start seeing results faster, you get excited and motivated.

Be Positive

While corrections can be used when training your dog, it’s easier just to use positive reinforcement when performing training drills. These should be tangible things and treats or petting.

When your dog does anything positive, you should quickly reward its behavior every time until this knowledge gets integrated. This is fundamental for faster results, as we all like praise instead of negativity.

Know How to Command

This refers to how do you act and move your body around your dog during the training drills. Your movements should be simple and commanding, as your dog will likely understand what do you want from it.

With good commands, training will be pain-free for the dog, as complicated signs and gestures will just stress it. This also decreases the training period in a huge way.

Good Triggers

This correlates with the last rule and it includes every type of action to reinforce cues around your dog. Something like a whistle can do the trick, but any sound can be used, you just have to be creative.

Something like clapping while calling its name is a great start. Accustom your dog to different triggers for different actions. A dog with perfectly defined triggers can be an amazing spectacle. People will love your pet.

With time and some effort, your dog can become the best-behaved dog you’ve ever seen. It can be surprising even for some owners to see the results so fast when they apply these rules.

So, if you’re a new owner, don’t be lazy. Start training your dog from the get-go and be consistent.

info3 - 5 Rules for Dog Training New Owners Don’t Consider
Image source: dailydogtag.com
featured5 - The Best 6 Food Brands for Dogs
Pet Care

The Best 6 Food Brands for Dogs

We think dogs are amazing creatures. They’re smart and want to take care of you and your family. A devoted dog is the best pet a man can own, and with some training, it can be more helpful than some humans too.

But these awesome pets and their amazing capabilities come with a cost, their nutrition. If you want your dog to be the best pet possible, it’s important to consider their nutrition in a more cautious fashion. Not every processed dog food is actually good, and in this list, you’ll learn which ones are the best:

Fromm Family Foods

11 - The Best 6 Food Brands for Dogs

This family-owned company from Wisconsin produces dog food that is a good mix of price and quality. Fromm’s Four-Star Nutritionals is the staple product, and it’s pretty awesome. The best part? It is absolutely grain-free, your dog will appreciate that.

Nature’s Variety Instinct

12 - The Best 6 Food Brands for Dogs

Although raw food is the best option for any pet, this company brings the best of both worlds to the table. While it’s a dry product, they use a complicated process to integrate raw food into the mix. Your dog will love it, and you’ll love it’s not as costly as feeding raw every day.

Earthborn Holistic

13 - The Best 6 Food Brands for Dogs

This company produces dog food that tastes great but it’s also pretty cheap considering it’s a grain-free recipe. One of the most important factors when buying from Earthborn is that, just by collecting UPCs from the bags and mailing them to the company, they’ll plant a tree, a pretty good incentive for any environmental activist to consider.

Horizon Legacy

14 - The Best 6 Food Brands for Dogs

A much cheaper option is the Horizon Legacy dog food. It contains fresh and concentrated chicken in the recipe as well as peas. Although is cheaper, it’s really high-quality stuff and your dog will absolutely love it. There’s just one recipe though.

The Honest Kitchen

15 - The Best 6 Food Brands for Dogs

This company is doing things differently. Everything in this food can be eaten by you and your family. It’s dehydrated food for you to add the protein using the instructions. You have to consider your own dog’s size and breed to make it right and it needs to sit on water for a while for it to hydrate.

While dogs will try to eat everything around the house, these brands will sure change their minds. No pet can’t resist the temptation of having a big bowl of these brands around and not eat it. You have to be careful though, your dog might get overweight with these.

featured4 - Goodwill is in The Air - Believe

Goodwill is in The Air – Believe

In DPVHS, we’re committed to helping people understand their pets’ needs, with a special focus on nutrition and nurture. One of our most ambitious projects includes workshops and meetings in which our own volunteers teach pet owners how to nurture their pets the best they can.

More often than not, people from different counties don’t understand the purpose of these workshops, claiming that they’re just a scam or an advertising platform, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although our magazine loves a bit of attention from our readers, the most important thing to us is animal care.

We Have Helpers

1 - Goodwill is in The Air - Believe

Several counties have helped us launch these programs, and shelters around the area send their people to these meetings. Hundreds of proud owners already explained how the workshop program is helping them train and care their pets in a more conscious fashion.

While most of our readers are constantly seeking for these workshops to help us while socializing with other pet owners, our goal is to keep spreading the word of animal care. One of the key components of our project is nutrition, and brands always want to advertise their products in these meetings.

It is important for people to understand that we’re not charging any of these companies to have a place in the workshops, as many people started claiming on Reddit some weeks ago. Although these brands help promote the workshops, even investing in some cases, DPVHS does not charge for any of these promoting activities.

Our Passion First

2 - Goodwill is in The Air - Believe

We’re very concerned about our pet’s nutrition, and some brands are better than others in this regard. One thing to consider is that, in a DPVHS workshop, you’ll only see pet food brands which we trust and have bought for years. There’s no fee to have a place in the workshops, the fee is being a trusted nutritious food brand.

We encourage our volunteers to get involved in the promotion and arrangement of these workshops in order for them to realize how we are doing things inside of the organization. The fact that there’s doubt about our intentions with this project is baffling to us.

So, bring all of your friends to the workshops, get involved in the process, learn how to feed your pets, and socialize in a non-lucrative event in which the most important thing is your bond with the animals.

Good-hearted people are trying to help other owners in being the best pet carers they can be, and that passion can’t be repaid.

Goodwill is in the air, we just need to relax and believe.

featured1 - Best Bully Sticks Dog Treats for Training Dogs

Best Bully Sticks Dog Treats for Training Dogs

Children are the passionate individuals in the world, as they’re always trying to do what excites them most. If your kid wants a dog, he or she will have to make it work without your help. The idea is that your child will learn responsibilities and your dog will learn how to behave at home. This is easier said than done.

While it’s not hard to train a dog, not every training drill is meant to be performed by children, but some of them are! If you or your kid are struggling to make your dog calm down, relax it, and make it an obedient pet, here’s a list of some techniques which can be used by kids to train a household dog:


Teach your dog to sit down whenever you like. Make a list of things it likes, as treats, petting, going outside, and even some attention.

Say the “Sit” cue and when it does sit, give it any reward of that list. It’s important that your dog understands the cue to make the technique work properly. Soon, your dog will sit every time you want to do something with it.

You’re the Commander

Grab some treats, the best in our opinion are bully sticks and close your hand. While your dog is sniffing around, keep your hand closed, but if the dog sits and waits, open your hand.

If it goes crazy and reactive, close your hand again, but if it stays quiet, drop one treat on the floor. Soon, your dog will always be respectful and won’t be on top of you every time someone brings food.

Relaxed Pet

This drill will teach your dog to stay relaxed even in stressful or exciting situations. Put a towel or a mat on the floor in front of your dog and make it lay down on it.

Now, just create distractions for it, and reward it only when it stays on the mat with a relaxed attitude. Gradually go for more and more distractions until the dog understands, it isn’t easy, but it is a rewarding experience. This is great for outings and social gatherings.

Although kids aren’t responsible for our home pets, we can ask them to try these three drills for some hours every week. Sooner than later, your dog will be one of the best-behaved dogs in your neighborhood and your kid will be a really proud owner. Killing two birds with one stone isn’t as hard as they made us believe!

info1 - Best Bully Sticks Dog Treats for Training Dogs
Infographic by: rspca.org.uk
featured3 - 8 Cat Breeds to Adopt if You’re a Careless Owner

8 Cat Breeds to Adopt if You’re a Careless Owner

There are animal lovers who can’t devote so much of their time to nurture their pets. Although that can be a problem, cats are the solution to this dilemma. They’re basic pets but they’re really loving, and the best part, you won’t have to spend much time taking care of them.

However, not every breed is viable for this type of individual, the one who wants to reap all the benefits with just a fraction of the effort. If this resonates with you in any way, when getting a new cat, consider these ones as the best for a busy owner like yourself:


They’re very loyal without being clingy. They’re known for being really active around the house and not needing too much attention from the owners.


This breed is awesome, as they’re always entertaining themselves around the house. They’re the type of cat who will nap for hours, and that doesn’t need your support.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Completely non-maintenance cat. This is a really big cat who likes to be on its own. The only thing needed for it to be really happy is a clean litter box, enough food, and some water. You just have to enjoy.

American Wirehair

This breed is known for being completely oblivious to the people around it. It seems like it doesn’t matter to them if there are owners in the house or not. This might hurt your feeling though.

American Shorthair

Another one of those breeds who will sleep in the house for hours and a laid-back attitude. This is perfect for busy owners as it’ll be comfortable in that situation for years.

Maine Coon

The most affectionate breed in the list. The Maine Coon also loves to be alone around the house without supervision. This is one of the most well-behaved breeds you can find, which is really great.

Russian Blue

This is one of the most beautiful cats on the list, as its fur is just amazing to look at. Although they take their time to be comfortable around in a new environment, when they get cozy, they’re there for life and with no supervision.

Scottish Fold

One of the most active and playful cats in the list, the Scottish Fold doesn’t require much attention. Another plus is that this breed is really quiet, perfect for apartment buildings and small spaces.

When we want a pet without having to spend much time doing things for it, cats are the best choice, and if cats are high maintenance for you, check out these breeds if you want to give it a try.

info2 - 8 Cat Breeds to Adopt if You’re a Careless Owner
Infographic by: petinsurance.com
featured2 - Best 4 Shelters in Springfield

Best 4 Shelters in Springfield

There’s no way to rescue a lot of animals if we don’t stick together and form a robust community in which we can share news, support each other, and even do regular meet-ups. Our love for animals isn’t just a show-off, we’re working with several shelters in order to keep as many animals off the street as possible.

There are several shelters around the Springfield area in Pennsylvania but not every one of them is known by the person who lives around there. If you saved an animal or just want to adopt one, here’s a list of the nicest shelters and animal centers in the area:

Providence Animal Center – 555 Sandy Bank Rd, Media, PA

They rescue animals and will let anyone adopt one of their little angels for little-to-no commission. One of the best centers when it comes to animal care.

PetSmart – 400 S State Rd, Springfield, PA

They hold a lot of animals in that building. They offer many services regarding pet care and also let you adopt one of the animals they’ve rescued. They also host several events about pet care.

Springfield Animal Hospital – 450 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA

This isn’t a shelter but a hospital. They’re not so expensive and they’re very caring and understanding. They offer medical services and adoption services too.

Cat Nurturing Info-Placement – Springfield, PA

They serve as a foster placement community beacon. Some of the volunteers have fostered for more than 3 years before cats get relocated. Most of them adopted some cats in the process.

We think it doesn’t matter what kind of pet you want to adopt, or if you just want to be a volunteer for any one of these places. The important part is to share this information with your contacts, as they may like a new furry friend.

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