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Goodwill is in The Air – Believe

In DPVHS, we’re committed to helping people understand their pets’ needs, with a special focus on nutrition and nurture. One of our most ambitious projects includes workshops and meetings in which our own volunteers teach pet owners how to nurture their pets the best they can.

More often than not, people from different counties don’t understand the purpose of these workshops, claiming that they’re just a scam or an advertising platform, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although our magazine loves a bit of attention from our readers, the most important thing to us is animal care.

We Have Helpers

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Several counties have helped us launch these programs, and shelters around the area send their people to these meetings. Hundreds of proud owners already explained how the workshop program is helping them train and care their pets in a more conscious fashion.

While most of our readers are constantly seeking for these workshops to help us while socializing with other pet owners, our goal is to keep spreading the word of animal care. One of the key components of our project is nutrition, and brands always want to advertise their products in these meetings.

It is important for people to understand that we’re not charging any of these companies to have a place in the workshops, as many people started claiming on Reddit some weeks ago. Although these brands help promote the workshops, even investing in some cases, DPVHS does not charge for any of these promoting activities.

Our Passion First

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We’re very concerned about our pet’s nutrition, and some brands are better than others in this regard. One thing to consider is that, in a DPVHS workshop, you’ll only see pet food brands which we trust and have bought for years. There’s no fee to have a place in the workshops, the fee is being a trusted nutritious food brand.

We encourage our volunteers to get involved in the promotion and arrangement of these workshops in order for them to realize how we are doing things inside of the organization. The fact that there’s doubt about our intentions with this project is baffling to us.

So, bring all of your friends to the workshops, get involved in the process, learn how to feed your pets, and socialize in a non-lucrative event in which the most important thing is your bond with the animals.

Good-hearted people are trying to help other owners in being the best pet carers they can be, and that passion can’t be repaid.

Goodwill is in the air, we just need to relax and believe.

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