a1 - About DPVHSPets are awesome creatures. They’re godsent angels placed here just to make us feel better about life. What a precious gift from Mother Nature are we able to experience!

It’s really important that every animal lover feels a deep connection with their pets, and this connection can be developed through care. The act of taking care of a pet really makes us feel committed and truly happier.

In DPVHS, we’re truly focused on discovering every single way we can connect with our pets through caring and nurture, and one of these fundamental factors is your pet’s nutrition.

DPVHS started as a website dedicated to animal rescue, with a special focus on shelters and abandoned puppies, and while this is still one of our strongest suits, we’ve grown to dedicate ourselves to pet care and nutrition.

In this magazine, you’ll find everything you need to know to take the best care of your pet. Our focus on nurturing, connection, and above all, good nutrition, is what makes people come back to our articles every time.

Get to know the best brands for your pets and how to take care of them the best way possible in DPVHS. Having a happy pet makes us happy in return, and that feeling can’t be paid.

If you want to be the very best pet owner you know, keep reading the magazine and come back from time to time. Our mission is to get you there while being as entertaining as possible. Enjoy our work.

George Buchanan – Chief Editor in DPVHS

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