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8 Cat Breeds to Adopt if You’re a Careless Owner

There are animal lovers who can’t devote so much of their time to nurture their pets. Although that can be a problem, cats are the solution to this dilemma. They’re basic pets but they’re really loving, and the best part, you won’t have to spend much time taking care of them.

However, not every breed is viable for this type of individual, the one who wants to reap all the benefits with just a fraction of the effort. If this resonates with you in any way, when getting a new cat, consider these ones as the best for a busy owner like yourself:


They’re very loyal without being clingy. They’re known for being really active around the house and not needing too much attention from the owners.


This breed is awesome, as they’re always entertaining themselves around the house. They’re the type of cat who will nap for hours, and that doesn’t need your support.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Completely non-maintenance cat. This is a really big cat who likes to be on its own. The only thing needed for it to be really happy is a clean litter box, enough food, and some water. You just have to enjoy.

American Wirehair

This breed is known for being completely oblivious to the people around it. It seems like it doesn’t matter to them if there are owners in the house or not. This might hurt your feeling though.

American Shorthair

Another one of those breeds who will sleep in the house for hours and a laid-back attitude. This is perfect for busy owners as it’ll be comfortable in that situation for years.

Maine Coon

The most affectionate breed in the list. The Maine Coon also loves to be alone around the house without supervision. This is one of the most well-behaved breeds you can find, which is really great.

Russian Blue

This is one of the most beautiful cats on the list, as its fur is just amazing to look at. Although they take their time to be comfortable around in a new environment, when they get cozy, they’re there for life and with no supervision.

Scottish Fold

One of the most active and playful cats in the list, the Scottish Fold doesn’t require much attention. Another plus is that this breed is really quiet, perfect for apartment buildings and small spaces.

When we want a pet without having to spend much time doing things for it, cats are the best choice, and if cats are high maintenance for you, check out these breeds if you want to give it a try.

info2 - 8 Cat Breeds to Adopt if You’re a Careless Owner
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