featured2 - Best 4 Shelters in Springfield

Best 4 Shelters in Springfield

There’s no way to rescue a lot of animals if we don’t stick together and form a robust community in which we can share news, support each other, and even do regular meet-ups. Our love for animals isn’t just a show-off, we’re working with several shelters in order to keep as many animals off the street as possible.

There are several shelters around the Springfield area in Pennsylvania but not every one of them is known by the person who lives around there. If you saved an animal or just want to adopt one, here’s a list of the nicest shelters and animal centers in the area:

Providence Animal Center – 555 Sandy Bank Rd, Media, PA

They rescue animals and will let anyone adopt one of their little angels for little-to-no commission. One of the best centers when it comes to animal care.

PetSmart – 400 S State Rd, Springfield, PA

They hold a lot of animals in that building. They offer many services regarding pet care and also let you adopt one of the animals they’ve rescued. They also host several events about pet care.

Springfield Animal Hospital – 450 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA

This isn’t a shelter but a hospital. They’re not so expensive and they’re very caring and understanding. They offer medical services and adoption services too.

Cat Nurturing Info-Placement – Springfield, PA

They serve as a foster placement community beacon. Some of the volunteers have fostered for more than 3 years before cats get relocated. Most of them adopted some cats in the process.

We think it doesn’t matter what kind of pet you want to adopt, or if you just want to be a volunteer for any one of these places. The important part is to share this information with your contacts, as they may like a new furry friend.

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