Support DPVHS

In DPVHS, our mission is the most important thing, but with this mindset, our finances are always in the back seat. This isn’t a real problem most of the time, but we find endless animals suffering on the streets and feel obligated to do something.

Most of the time, calling a shelter will do the trick, but more often than not, the magazine pays for different rescue procedures and even medical treatment for these little angels.

The struggle is never-ending, and while we can change people’s minds through our articles and more impactfully, our workshops, the need for these rescue procedures is still there. We’re asking every animal lover out there to help us with these endeavors.

We could definitely use some money, and you can support us by donating some, but we’re in need of more people. Committed individuals are the one we can use the most, but anyone willing to help will be a good candidate.

We also welcome writers from different corners of the world to contribute to the magazine. Send some of your work and we’ll be your guides. Maybe you can be one of our top volunteer writers.

The focus of our magazine is nutrition above all, but we can’t just look away when thousands of animals are in real danger every day. We can only do this with your help. Can you give us a hand?